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Instructions and travel expense caps for scholarship recipients are listed at the bottom of this web page.

Notice: The deadline for student scholarship applications has passed. Applicants to the women's workshop are granted a one week extension, to August 23rd, and should apply as instructed below. Priority during this extension period will be given to undergraduate women students desirous of participating in the women's workshop and conference.

SOSP, through generous donations from conference sponsors, will offer approximately 85 scholarships to enable students to attend the conference.

Each scholarship covers the SOSP conference registration, which includes meals and proceedings, and a shared hotel room during the conference. Additional funding will be awarded toward the cost of travel, but is limited. Due to the high variability in travel cost, awardees are asked for their due diligence in finding reasonably priced fares; this will be submitted in the scholarship application.

Students receiving scholarships have agreed to serve as a session scribes and to assist with onsite registration during the conference. Applicants are also encouraged to participate in the poster session and work-in-progress presentations.

Who should apply

Funding is available to all students at educational institutions, world-wide. In addition to the type of scholarships offered in the past, donations from our conference sponsors are also available to fund scholarships for students in underrepresented groups (particularly women and minorities). Please indicate in the form below if you think you qualify. Women should also consider attending the Women's Workshop prior to the start of the conference.

Although most applicants in past years have been graduate students, undergraduates who are actively involved in systems research projects are welcome to apply.

Applicants must be members of the ACM. See the ACM site for a student membership application. Note that ACM provides reduced rates for students residing in economically developing countries.

How to apply

To apply you should submit the following:

  1. A fully filled-out SOSP Student Scholarship Application The application form appears below.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the student's advisor, supporting the application, which must cover the technical merit of the student's participation.
  3. A short position paper written by the student explaining what benefit is expected from attending the conference and why the scholarship should be granted. The statement should describe any research the student has been doing and list any papers that have been published. It should be no longer than three pages. Student authors who will be presenting accepted papers do not need to submit a position paper.

Applications should be in plain text (no attachments; simple ASCII text in the body of your message), in English, and submitted by email to The advisor's statement should be sent separately from the student's application, and should indicate the student's name in the Subject line.

SOSP Student Scholarship Application


 ACM member number:
   (or date of application, if you have not received your number yet)

 Degree pursued:
 When you expect to finish:

 Faculty advisor

 Have you attended SOSP before?
 Have you previously received an SOSP scholarship?

 SOSP program participation
   Are you an author of an accepted paper?
     If so, are you the principal author?
     Will you be presenting it at the conference?

 Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?
 Should you be considered for a woman/minority scholarship?
 Will you attend the women's workshop?

 Anticipated travel expenses:

Important dates

There will be two sets of dates associated with scholarship applications. The first set (denoted "Early" in the table) is intended for student authors applying for scholarships so that they may cite scholarship benefactors in their papers. The second set of dates (denoted "Standard" in the table) will be used for the remaining scholarship applicants.

Application Deadline July 23 August 15
Decision Notification August 1 August 22

Recipient Instructions and Travel Expense Caps


You will be reimbursed for the following costs: Capped airfare + $80 ground transportation (shuttle) + 3 nights shared hotel (4 if attending women's workshop) (i.e. w/ roommate). See below for details in each of these categories.

The scholarship covers $80 towards a shuttle ($40 each way) or rental car. This is a maximum amount. If you choose a more expensive option (other shuttle or rental car), the reimbursement will be capped at $80. We have negotiated this $40 one-way fee with Cascade Executive Services. Please send a request for shuttle services by emailing Cascade at, mention SOSP and include flight details (number of people, flight, and expected arrival time). Shuttle service is provided on Oct. 14 for arrivals and Oct. 17 for departures. When you arrive at the Portland airport (PDX), proceed to the bottom of the escalator between baggage areas 8 and 9. A booth will be set up with a sign for the conference. Note for women's workshop participants: Cascade will also offer a Saturday shuttle service to Skamania. The cost for the Saturday shuttle will be $55, and so the ground transportation allowance for this group will be $95.

Airfare reimbursement will be capped based on region. The table below lists Saturday and Sunday travel fares from the various source cities, as obtained from, travelocity and expedia with dates Sunday, October 14th (or Saturday, October 13th for International flights/ womens workshop) to Wednesday, October 17th. Reimbursement will be determined per the following:

min(actual cost, Saturday fare + $100, Sunday fare)
The additional $100 for the Saturday fare term is intended to help defray the cost of an additional night of lodging when Saturday travel reduces the airfare. Please make your airline reservation as soon as possible. After making travel arrangements, please email a copy of the electronic receipt to

For hotel, the scholarship covers half the cost for a double room ($169/night + tax). Please select a roommate and reserve a room with Skamania Lodge before September 13th. Please use the wiki ( if you need help in identifying potential room mates. Reservations can be made online or by telephone by calling 1-800-221-7117. Please mention ACM SOSP when making reservations to get the group rate. For online reservations via Skamania's website, the SOSP group code is "SOSP1013".

For the registration, you MUST register via the online registration site before the early registration deadline (September 7th). Please provide your ACM member number or date of application to ACM and indicate that you have been awarded a scholarship. You will *not* need to pay.

To receive your reimbursement after attending the conference, please send receipts to:

SOSP 2007 Scholarship Reimbursement
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Denison University
Granville, OH 43023
include with the letter clear specification of where to send the reimbursement check to. We will assume the check is to be made out in the name of the scholarship recipient.

Airline Caps

School City/Airport Saturday Sunday
American U Of Beirut Beirut $1,600 $3,800
Ben Gurion Tel Aviv $1,300 $1,400
Brandeis Boston $300 $300
Calvin College Grand Rapids $450 $450
Cambridge Cambridge $900 $2,100
CMU Pittsburgh $250 $250
Columbia New York $350 $350
Cornell Ithaca $300 $400
Dartmouth Lebonon $600 $700
Dartmouth Burlington $400 $400
Duke Raleigh-Durham $250 $300
EPFL Geneva $1,000 $1,700
Florida Intl U Miami $400 $400
Florida State Tallahassee $450 $500
GATech Atlanta $400 $400
George Mason Baltimore $300 $300
George Mason Washington DC $300 $400
Glasgow Glasgow $1,100 $2,600
Harvard Boston $300 $300
Harvey Mudd C Ontario, CA $350 $250
Honging Seoul $1,100 $1,600
Houston Houston $300 $350
Illinois-Chicago Chicago $300 $300
Karlsruhe Frankfurt $800 $1,000
Michigan Detroit $300 $400
Minnesota Minneapolis $400 $450
MIT Boston $300 $300
Northwestern Chicago $300 $300
Notre Dame South Bend $400 $400
Notre Dame Chicago $300 $300
NYU New York $350 $350
Portland State Portland $0 $0
Purdue Lafayatte $350 $400
Rice Frankfurt $800 $1,000
Rice Houston $300 $350
Rutgers Philidelphia $250 $250
Stanford San Jose $200 $200
Stanford San Francisco $250 $250
Toronto Toronto $500 $600
TU Catalonia Barcelona $1,200 $2,300
TU Dresden Frankfurt $800 $1,000
U British Columbia Vancouver $350 $350
U College London London $800 $2,100
U Erlangen-Nurenberg Nuremberg, Germany $1000 $1800
U Lugano Lugano $1,200 $1,800
U of Rennes Rennes $1,200 $2,900
U Victoria Victoria $350 $400
UC Berkeley Oakland $200 $200
UCLA LA $200 $250
UCSB Ventura $300 $300
UCSB Santa Barbara $400 $400
UCSC San Jose $200 $200
UCSC San Francisco $250 $250
UCSD San Diego $250 $250
UIUC Champaigne $400 $400
UNSW Sydney $2,000 $2,200
UT Austin Austin $250 $300
Utah Salt Lake City $300 $300
Washington Seattle $250 $250
Washington U St Louis $400 $400
Wisonson Madison $350 $350

Scholarship Committee