Submission Rules and Advice

Submissions violating the formatting and anonymization rules will be rejected and returned without reviews. There will be no extensions for reformatting.

The instructions are similar in spirit to ones used for other conferences with double-blind reviewing (submissions and reviews are anonymous). In fact, some of the language has been lifted from calls for papers of other conferences. If you have any questions, feel free to send email to

Good luck with your submission!

Formatting rules

Submitted papers must be no longer than fourteen (14) 8.5"x11" pages in a typeface no smaller than 10 point. The page limit includes everything: references, title page, figures, appendices, etc. The submitted papers should be in PDF form and follow the ACM rules for camera-ready copy, with a few exceptions:

For the submission, please make sure that:

Anonymizing rules

Authors must make a good faith effort to anonymize their submissions, and not identify themselves either explicitly or by implication (e.g., through the references or acknowledgments). Yet, at the same time, the reviewer should be able to fully grasp the context of related work, including your own. Common sense and careful writing will go a long way towards preserving anonymity. Additionally, please take the following steps when preparing your submission:

We recognize that, even following these guidelines, closely building on your own prior work may indirectly reveal your identity.

Blind reviewing

Reviewing of submissions will be done by the program committee, with limited use of outside referees. Reviews will be anonymous. The reviewers will not attempt to violate the anonymity of the submissions. That is, reviewers won't search the web with the sole intent to discover the authors of a submission, won't ask around with the intent to discover the authors, etc.

Writing advice

Lots of papers and books have been written about how to write a good paper. We strongly suggest that you read the following:

For matters of English usage, style, and taste we strongly recommend that you purchase and consult this little gem of a book: