SOSP 2007 Works-In-Progress Session

Monday, October 15, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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The following is the list of works-in-progress talks that have been accepted to SOSP 2007.

  • GIGA+: Scalable Directories for Shared File Systems
    Swapnil V. Patil and Garth A. Gibson
    Slides: PDF (54 KB)

  • Prediction Trees to Support Network-Aware Applications
    Dahlia Malki and Venugopalan Ramasubramanian
    Slides: PPTX (1879 KB)

  • Flexible, Wide-Area Storage for Distributed Systems with WheelFS
    Jeremy Stribling, Emil Sit, M. Frans Kaashoek, Jinyang Li, and Robert Morris
    Slides: PPT (106 KB)

  • Reforming Software Delivery using P2P Technology
    Purvi Shah, Jeffrey Morgan, Miranda Mowbray, John Schettino, and Chandrasekar Venkaraman
    Slides: PPT (818 KB)

  • Leveraging trust to thwart unwanted communication
    Alan Mislove, Ansley Post, Krishna P. Gummadi, and Peter Druschel
    Slides: PDF (658 KB)

  • High-Performance Snapshots in a High-Level Cache
    Ross Shaull and Liuba Shira
    Slides: PPT (155 KB)

  • Kernel Memory Management in Verified Small Kernels
    Dhammika Elkaduwe and Kevin Elphinstone
    Slides: PDF (431 KB)

  • The Case for DDoS Resistant Membership Management in P2P Systems
    Xin Sun, Ruben Torres, and Sanjay Rao
    Slides: PPT (394 KB)

  • Optimizing Data Transfers through Intelligent Resource Scheduling
    Himabindu Pucha, David G. Andersen, Michael Kaminsky, and Michael A. Kozuch
    Slides: PPT (564 KB)

  • Fine-Grained Isolation for the Apache Web Server
    Petr Marchenko, Andrea Bittau, Brad Karp, and Mark Handley
    Slides: PPTX (125 KB)

  • A Social Networking-Based Access Control Scheme for Personal Content
    Kiran K. Gollu, Stefan Saroiu, and Alec Wolman
    Slides: PDF (107 KB)

  • Improving Virtual Appliances through Virtual Layered File Systems
    Shaya Potter and Jason Nieh
    Slides: PPT (33 KB)