October 13-14, 2007
Skamania Lodge
Stevenson, WA

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The Systers electronic community was born at SOSP in 1987. In recognition of Systers' 20th anniversary, we are planning a workshop in conjunction with SOSP 2007 targeted to women students at the graduate and senior undergraduate levels who have interests in computer systems research as well as early career women faculty and researchers. Members of other under-represented groups in systems are also welcome to attend. Workshop attendees will also attend the SOSP conference. The workshop will run from the late afternoon of Saturday, October 13 through Sunday, October 14 at Skamania Lodge.

The workshop is designed as a community-building event, serving both to educate more women about the opportunities in systems research and to support women who have started working in the field. The content of the sessions will enhance the attendees' appreciation and understanding of the technical papers presented at SOSP. Also, it is always more fun to attend a conference when you know other attendees. The workshop will serve as a friendly first meeting ground for junior members of the community to meet each other and more experienced researchers.

We are planning to provide some support for travel and lodging expenses for attendees to the workshop and conference. Instructions for applying for scholarships may be found on the Scholarship Application page. Registering for the workshop is accomplished by checking a box on the SOSP conference registration form.

The list of speakers in the workshop program includes: Carla Ellis, Sharon Perl, Barbara Liskov, Dilma da Silva, Cynthia Dwork, Susan Eggers, Rebecca Isaacs, Kim Keeton, Jinyang Li, Margaret Martonosi, Luiba Shrira, and Yuanyuan Zhou.

For questions or additional information about the Women's Workshop email

Program For Women's Workshop

Saturday October 13

3 - 5 pm Arrival and registration
5 - 5:30 pm

Session 0
Welcome & Tips on navigating a technical conference

5:30 - 7 pm

Session 1
Beyond the OS textbook - getting started in OS research

Experimental methods
Exploiting virtual machines

7 pm - on Dinner and networking


Sunday October 14

7:30 - 8:30 am Breakfast
8:30-10 am

Session 2
Major themes in systems design research

Distributed systems
Storage systems
Replication, peer to peer systems, Byzantine faults

10 - 10:30 am Break and networking
10:30- noon

Session 3
Challenges of workloads

Security, code bugs, and configuration errors
Program analysis, monitoring, fault detection and tolerance

noon - 1:30 pm Lunch and elevator talk practice
1:30 - 3 pm

Session 4
Career advice for OS researchers

The graduate school experience in a systems research group
How to write a good systems paper and get it published in an appropriate systesms venue
Academic and industry career paths

3 - 3:30 pm Break and networking
3:30 - 5 pm

Session 5
Challenges of architectural trends

Energy and thermal limitations
Multicore parallelism
Embedded, mobile, and sensor devices
Emerging technologies

Break before SOSP conference reception